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Manufacturing is still critical to the economy United States. Clyde Prestowitz, says it's time to start realizing the positive spillovers that manufacturing creates... Read more  

Events & Activities

Stephen Olson at Chinese Development Institute Conference


 Clyde Prestowitz giving presentation to CDI...


Steve Olson teaching trade negotiations at the Mekong Institute...


Stephen Olson to speak at upcoming workshop organized by the International Institute for Trade and Development on 

"Economics of GMS Agricultural trade in goods and services towards the world market"

Chiangmai, Thailand Sep 8-12.


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  • ESI Consulting
    ESI Consulting (ESIC) is the consulting arm of the Economic Strategy Institute, a prominent and well-regarded Washington DC think tank established in 1989. ESIC provides a variety of services to corporate, government, non-governmental, and institutional clients around the world.
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  • Research
    Specialized subject areas of research.
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    • Anti-Trust and Competition Policies

      Free and fair competition is the foundation of our economic system. When companies abuse their market position to achieve monopoly control or some other gain, competition is stymied.

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    • Country and Area Studies

      Sometimes deeper analyses of the underlying economic, social, and political factors facing specific nations and regions is called for. These studies explore the particular features and facets of domestic and regional economies around the world.

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    • Grid Computing

      Under the direction of Robert Cohen, ESI fellow, the ESI Grid Study uses interviews with corporate experts in cluster and grid computing and Web services to estimate the benefits corporations are likely to gain from adopting these new technologies. Using an economic model, the Grid Study will analyze the impact of these new technologies on the US economy through the end of the decade. In addition, the project will develop estimates of how clusters, grids and Web services are likely to affect the demand for broadband access. The study will also consider how current government policies and corporate practices may speed up or slow the adoption of these new technologies.

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    • International Trade

      Can we identify under what circumstances trade will be beneficial or detrimental to the overall wealth of a nation? The benefits of trade lie in its potential to boost productivity levels. Indeed, international trade has brought great increases in wealth and innovation over the years, and is responsible for much of the recent increases in productivity growth, living standards and GDP in both developed and developing countries. But does it always and everywhere benefit those engaged in it? Alas, no.

      At ESI, our scholars, analysts and industry experts have long sought to promote international trade policies that unlock the potential of our companies and the individuals who labor in them. Increasing our competitiveness is crucial to surviving in the new, global economy, but so too are running responsible fiscal and monetary policies, and ensuring that everyone is playing according to the same 'rules of the game,' in the global trading system.

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    • Manufacturing Sector

      The manufacturing sector is an integral part of the "innovation ecosystem," that encourages economic and productivity growth and creates whole new products and services. Innovation depends on a confluence of factors including advanced research and development, reliable infrastructure, a stable regulatory environment, market incentives and highly-skilled workers. But without manufacturing capacity, the link between innovation and the ability to bring new products to market is lost. Foreign competitors will become the only companies with the manufacturing expertise and capabilities to take advantage of technological advances, and the attendant R&D and human capital will follow manufacturing abroad. It is thus of crucial importance that America retain a strong and healthy manufacturing sector.

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    • Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy

      Ever since World War II the US dollar has been the world's major reserve currency. But with America's trade and current account deficits spiralling out of control and the managed exchange rate policies of many developing nations now causing huge global imbalances, the continued stability of the international monetary system is at risk.

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    • Competitiveness

      Here you will find a collection of scholarly articles, public policy briefs, and presentations by ESI scholars, analysts, and industry experts both in alphabetical order and organized by subject area. Click the various research sub-menu items in the top menu bar to see our complete list of research interests organized by subject.

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    • Technology

      Technological advances have long been the wellspring of American wealth and long-term economic growth. From even before the founding of the Republic, American scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs have constantly pushed forward the boundaries of technology, creating whole new industries and providing products and services that vastly improve our standard of living. The United States Constitution mandated the establishment of the world's first Patent Office, and ever since then America has been unique in its focus on the development and application of new technology as the prime driver of economic growth and productivity.

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    • Telecommunications

      The telecommunications industry plays two crucial and important roles in our economy. On the one hand, as the 'central nervous system' of the economy, it facilitates the diffusion of knowledge and information throughout the world. The speed and quality of our communications networks are one of the primary determinants of productivity growth. Fast, reliable networks greatly enhance our ability to make and deliver products and services - and open up entirely new markets and opportunities.

      On the other hand, our telecommunications industry has often spawned new and transformative technologies itself - like the transistor or the semiconductor. Indeed, the communications infrastructure is a crucial part of our entire "innovation ecosystem," making American companies and the entire U.S. economy more competitive, dynamic, and productive.

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    • US Economic Policy

      America's economic policy makers have some of the hardest and most important jobs in the world. The U.S. boasts the richest and most powerful economy in the world, and is the engine of economic growth across the globe. Maintaining a healthy U.S. economy therefore, is a prerequisite for improving the living standards and quality of life not only of Americans, but individuals the world over. The challenges in maintaining a healthy economy, however, are significant. Globalization brings both opportunity and change, and policy makers have to combat simultaneously unfair trade practices from abroad and rising protectionism at home to ensure that the global economy continues to run smoothly.

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    • The “New IP” and the Internet of Things

      The goal of the project is to study the broad ecosystem tied to cloud computing and software defined infrastructure, including clouds, containers, software defined data centers and networking as well as software defined computing, data analysis and the tools to analyze data such as Hadoop and MapReduce, and the Internet of Things.

      The project has financial support from Brocade Communications, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

      The project started over the summer and is initially focused on the US. The plan is to repeat the US effort with firms from selected countries in Europe and Asia.

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    • The impact of AI and ML on the US Economy
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  • Publications
    Various research reports, op-eds,? policy briefs, books, etc.
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    • Op-eds
      The Economic Strategy Institute plays a leading role framing and defining the terms of debate over many important economic issues. ESI's staff and fellows are frequent contributors to major newspapers and magazines, providing insightful commentary along with trenchant analysis. Here you will find a collection of recent opinion pieces and editorials published in major newspapers and magazines worldwide.

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    • Policy Briefs
      Policy briefs written by ESI.
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    • Books
      Books published or written by ESI.
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    • Speeches

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  • In The News
    Book Reviews, Interviews, Press, Radio & TV, etc.
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    • Interviews: Press, Radio & TV

      ESI's staff and fellows are frequent guests on national television and radio programs, and are often sought out by reporters for their expertise on international economic issues. Here you will find transcripts and links to recent interviews and articles that cite or quote ESI experts.

      Click on the menu dropdown entitled Book Reviews and Citations to read reviews and critiques of books written by ESI's staff and fellows.

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    • Book Reviews

      The Economic Strategy Institute is an influential and important player in the public policy process, shaping both professional and public opinion over a range of domestic and international economic issues. ESI staff and fellows publish major books that define the terms of debates over economic policies and lay out practical and forward looking policy proposals.

      Here you will find reviews and critiques of books written by ESI staff and fellows.

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    Upcoming and Previous.
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    • Upcoming
      Upcoming events for ESI.
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      Previous events for ESI.
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  • About Us
    Content about Economic Strategy Institute.
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    • About the Institute

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    • Staff Bios

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    • Map and Directions

      The Economic Strategy Institute is located at:

      3050 K St NW Suite 220
      Washington DC

      The company can be reached by phone during regular business hours (EST) at:

      (202) 965-9484 or by fax at: (202) 965-1104

      Click on the item marked ESI Location below to see a detailed map of the area.

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  • Blog

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    • Financial Markets
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    • Stephen Olson on Trade, Economics, and Geo-politics in Asia

      With wealth, power, and influence continuing to shift towards Asia, events in this part of the world will increasingly reverberate in every corner of the globe.

      Whether its China entering a new chapter in its economic development, or the emerging markets of ASEAN grappling with a more challenging growth environment. Whether its the original Four Tigers -- Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Korea,coming to terms with "middle age", or Asia's first "miracle" economy -- Japan -- embarking on a bold program of reform, what happens in Asia, matters.

      This blog explores the most pressing trade, economic, and geo-political issues in the region, and analyzes what it means not only for the region, but around the world.

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